Welcome To New York - remastered - CDr
"This is my attempt at improving one of the most famous Rolling Stones bootlegs of all time,
TMOQ's "Welcome to New York." Originally released in 1973 on LP,
it had great stereo soundboard sound quality of the last show of the Stones' '72 US tour on
Mick Jagger's 29th birthday, and a great cover drawn by William Stout.
Since then, it has been re-released many times on LP and CD, in varying quality.
I tried to use the best available sources for my version.

For further info, see http://www.rollingstonesnet.com/Welcome_To_NY.htm and
http://www.rollingstonesnet.com/VGP_Archive.html (scroll way down to VGP-312).

Tracks 1-6 are from a second generation audience recording.
Quality is pretty good for '72; I've heard a few better and many worse.
I discovered this tape in 1992, on a Rolling Stones mailing list.
The person I got it from got from a friend who was the taper.
He told me his friend called Madison Square Garden before the show and asked if it was
ok to bring a tape recorder, and they said it was.

Of course during the show someone noticed him taping and he had to stop,
but somehow he managed to keep what he had recorded to that point.
This is all there is. These tracks were transferred to PC in 2001 using a
Nakamichi BX-300 tape deck with pitch control and a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card. T
hey have since been transferred back and forth between PC and CDR several times, always using EAC.

Tracks 7-15 are from LP. Legend has it that the soundboard tape was stolen from the person
recording the show for the Stones. TMOQ's Stones tapes don't circulate, so original vinyl is
the best source. I used a red vinyl original with RS-546 REI matrix, played on a Music
Hall MMF-7 turntable with an Ortofon OM-20 cartridge, through an Adcom GFP-565 preamp, then
into an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card. The transfer was originally done in 2006 and
LP surface noise was reduced using Cool Edit Pro 2.1. I also fixed the volume drop at the
end of "Midnight Rambler" as much as possible, and rearranged the tracks back to their original
running order; TMOQ took it upon themselves to resequence them. For 2007, I have slightly
improved the editing and indexing.

Artwork is based on Vinyl Gang's "Welcome to New York" CD, which lifts its art from the original TMOQ LP.

Please note that the sound on tracks 7-15 is far superior to the best known CD release which is
TSP's CD (and LP) from 1989. That release, also made from an original TMOQ LP,
suffers from excessive NoNoise. Yes, it reduces the hiss, but it also sucks all the life out
of the music. I did not add on the last few songs from the show (Street Fighting Man,
Happy Birthday Mick, and Uptight/Satisfaction) as they are only on a poor quality source
which I no longer have."

1. Brown Sugar

New York City, Madison Square Garden 26.7 1972

2. Bitch


3. Rocks Off


4. Gimme Shelter


5. Happy


6. Tumbling Dice


7. Love In Vain


8. Sweet Virginia


9. You Can't Always Get What You Want


10. All Down The Line


11. Midnight Rambler


12. introductions


13. Bye Bye Johnny


14. Rip This Joint


15. Jumping Jack Flash (fades out)



Total time: 72'11 (74'04)

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